Talk Radio Topics

Examples of things being discussed on talk radio in a heated three-way ratings battle originating from Silt Ridge reaching an estimated combined worldwide audience of billions and billions (when, of course, the satellites are working). Here’s some of that stuff that is being talked about:


Radio Commentary – Hadley Codfaldt


Billboards as skyscrapers

Residences will become billboards

What’s with these locked doors all the time?

Future demographics: announcing the “Entertainees”

Neighborhood car parkers

Cement apartments

Bringing back outhouses – with an attitude

Men’s room privacy concerns

Las Vegas lost its mind before it lost its soul

Luxurious bathrooms on wheels

Your five-minute update on evil

Candidates becoming weatherpersons

People auctioning their lives as news events

Answering machine news flashes

Bathroom equalizers

New baseball league packs a grimace

Dialing in “cool-guy speak”

Commercial doorpersons (greeters)

Trans-human romps

Proposed airline with a stench

Calendar wallpaper – sponsorship?

Keeping your AI in line

New restaurant’s slaughter policy

Company slashes picnic policies

Tower apartments – the straight up amenities

Keep your penmanship to yourself!

The Seared Eagles Squadron – coming to a city near you

Major rooftop sponsors (overnights only)

Introducing Kray-Lynn Crowber: voice prompt artist

Introducing Mindy Millbank:  specialty red meat photographer

A film director who makes people look content in bank commercials

Getting wealthy off laugh tracks

The world’s most violent nap-taker

Briar Braelyn: America’s favorite ambidextrous domestic engineer

An interview with . . . the “Roach Whisperer”

Family recipes that ferment into furniture polish

Industrial chef uses organic cleaning agents

Gigantic blenders run on turbines

Switch plates made of bison bones

Creator of “Traffic Circle Competition”

Singer’s backup band travels without instruments

Introducing the “Easy Breathing Male Thong”

Introducing the “Paint Bucket Tackle League”

A new illness based on people you saw in movies last night

A new society that celebrates “Random Days”

What if your city was Hollywood before Hollywood?

Rooftop lap pools

Man specializes in causing workplace discordance


Radio Commentary – Honus Kryburn


Railing against bright headlights

Double parkers who lack situational awareness

Who needs those pulsating taillights?

Delayed green lights

Left turn close-cutters

Let’s learn to signal, okay?

Jerking to a stop at four-way intersections

Let’s get instant glass walls for flagrant red light runners

Hand-walking in crosswalks

Stopping traffic to meticulously enter a parking lot

Influencers: making a difference . . . how?

Marketing car horns that reflect personality of drivers

Brawls breaking out in local home improvement stores


Radio Commentary – Bennett Stackhovis


Potato chips vs. RFID chips

Things that will not be needed in eternity

“Flights of Fancy”

Diversionary visionary tactics

The neighborhood with crisscrossing telephone and telegraph wires

Perpetual and multiple sunsets

“Tennis in the Gorge”

“Rocket Ships from Home” – commuting to the moon or Mars

“Stand Up and be Counted” where you “chalk-up” when you visit the city

Harnessing a blizzard to make music

“Never-ending City”

“Raindrop Planets”

“Air Molecule Galaxies”

Woman goes into “Heavy Gas Mode” during tight football games

Gassing up the ol’ standby generator

The “Redundant Redundancy Factor”

Manicured lawns along the ocean and Interstates

Hovering UFO provides mythical transoceanic bridge

A linear city along both sides of a long, long bridge

Why are there no clocks in a casino?

Extraterrestrial street traffic from another dimension

String theory vs. time-space continuum discussions

Acts of Congress dictate your new bedtime

Visiting county fairs in other dimensions

Smelling the “Perfume of the Workday”

Just glad birds aren’t poisonous

Time traveling between coasts each day

Ghosts install new HVAC ductwork

Programmable robots build crystal skyscrapers

The End Times vs. Home Depot

Man trains dogs to rat on their owners

Frequency fallout between cars playing same radio station