It is spring of 1997. Tiger Woods has just crushed the Masters. Michael Jordan and the Bulls are embarked on yet another championship run. For Vance Chelan, a jaundiced media pro who is quite adept at playing the field, things never looked so good. Confident and capable, in total command of his television career, he happily straddles a romantic tightrope between each of the women in his life–until he gets a jolt for the ages. There’s nothing like a funeral to set the old adrenaline on edge, especially when questions about the afterlife arise. Confronted for the first time with his own immortality, Vance realizes he’s missed the point of life altogether. Knowing that he will give an account of himself once he departs Planet Earth, Vance mounts a bizarre plan of redemption designed to patch things up between the Almighty and him. But the road to the Pearly Gates is strewn with devilish potholes, and Vance manages to find each one–with a flat tire or two along the way. As he grapples for answers, things he holds near and dear start slipping through his fingers. Then one night in Las Vegas he reignites feelings for a hard-charging anchorwoman, who demands a choice of epic proportions. What will his decision be? One thing for certain: whatever it is will have eternal consequences.


“I feel certain that today’s career centric men and women who one day wake with a start to find themselves in a spiritual desert will love this book.” 

-Dale W. Davidson, host, “Las Vegas Tonight”


Once I read this book all the way through, I had only one thought…by God he’s done it.”

 – Dr. Jay Carter, best-selling author of “Nasty People”