Outdoor Displays

Hyper Citation, Inc. got the greenlight from a beleaguered Congress a few decades back to blow down the doors when it comes to outdoor advertising. These extravagant Interstate attractions are a nice compliment to the resurgence of lighter-than-air transportation. Here are some things to be on the lookout for:


Locomotive oceanic races

DC-3 ships and bedsheet sails

Blimps and windows

Stampeding tires and P-51s

Bottled 2,000-foot waterfall

Vermont maple syrup (state line)

Interstate chariot races

“Desert Slop” (stock cars)

High-speed barbecue spears

Window blinds tunnel (plus F/A-18 Super Hornets!)

Workers everywhere with bullfighters

“Human Rollers” bungee jump

Wing walkers

Candy drop

“Valley of Pulsating Light”

Roof jumping

Cable TV

Motel chain

Boat dealers

Employment agency

Bowling alley in perspective

Spas afire

Slip and Fall Attorneys – drag races

The Grand Canyon of Teeth

Limousines and rockets

Trucking companies score big

“Mega-NEWS Systems” Billboards

Towing and fishing

Controversial Interstate amusement park

Raining pianos

Self-defense and bankruptcy

Locksmith highway competition

Bakeries and gas stations

Guitar sales and tollway audio

Hotels along the way

Florists and forbidden forests

Department stores the way they used to be

Introducing: “The Appliance Skyline”

Bed sheets and cobras

Trampoline awnings

Deserted ocean-going freighters

Vertical outlet mall

Announcing: “The Vanilla Alps”

Runaway stunt train

Ladder City: “Reach for New Heights”

Garage doors and jets

Window blinds and bullfighters

Mountain Fumes Petrol

UFO deliveries

Shark-infested state lines

Fire pit target practice