We are treated to a press release from the Chicago office of Noreen Crimpanfortis heralding the six-month anniversary of the roommates sharing the cutaway four-story row home on the billboard above the Columbus Blvd. exit on I-95 in south Philly. In this robust and praiseworthy press release, Noreen gushes over the exposure for their client, Bainbridge Furnishings, Ltd. (a bargain retailer); the six actors, three males and three females, have become fixtures of Philadelphia, a real part of the family, and everything is coming up roses for Bainbridge. What’s not to love about all this?

After Six Months of Hi-rise Hijinks – Bainbridge Furnishings Hits Milestone

Can’t Put a Price Tag on this Location

Hyper-Citation Inc., the outdoor agency with a flair for the dramatic, in conjunction with bargain retailer Bainbridge Furnishings Ltd., announces the six-month anniversary of their critically acclaimed “Live-Action Billboard” campaign entitled “House on the Exit Ramp.”  For the last half year, motorists along I-95 near downtown Philly have been treated to the antics of the energetic roommates high above the Columbus Blvd. exit.

“We are really pleased with the way this one is turning out,” declares Noreen Crimpanfortis, VP of Business Affairs for Hyper-Citation. “This is the first of hopefully a whole lot more to come in markets big and small across America. We can’t begin to put a price tag on the visibility this location has garnered for our client. We just love the fact that Philadelphians have embraced the roommates as their own.” She is referring to the six roommates who populate the four-story row home built on stilts, whose cutaway lets motorists view members of the popular ensemble cast cavorting high above the roadway amid the Bainbridge furnishings. “This campaign has exceeded everyone’s expectations,” observes Ms. Crimpanfortis. “And to prove its effectiveness, Bainbridge has shown steady growth in quarter-over-quarter revenue since all the fun began.”

Cutaway Rowhomes – A Return to the Original

Hyper-Citation returned to one of its original designs in providing the cutaway of a house to showcase product. “You might consider cutaways passé but there’s nothing wrong with reverting to the tried and true every once in a while,” Ms. Crimpanfortis points out. “Even though it was one of our first methods of presentation, that does not mean the methodology will grow stale or hackneyed. Clearly, the actors are responsible for keeping the mood upbeat. We can’t tell you how pleased we are with the group of roommates assembled for this campaign. I’ve rarely worked with anyone as amiable, talented and anxious to grow the bottom line.”

Coming Soon: A Small City of Appliances

It’s high praise coming from this extraordinary executive who is constantly on the lookout to push the envelope, particularly when new sponsors and product categories are involved. “I don’t have to tell you, we’re slowly and deliberately expanding our inventory each month, always looking to make a statement. I can’t reveal too much of the details now, but there is talk about creating a small city of appliances, where the refrigerator rises to a height of 450 feet. And there will be all kinds of pyrotechnics associated with the gas burners on the stove.” That will obviously entail more stunt persons than we see in the Philadelphia display. “Definitely,” Ms. Crimpanfortis agrees. You’ll see bungee jumping into giant skillets and jetpacks exploding from the toaster. It is going to take your breath away, take it from me.” When pressed on the location and sponsor for this new venture, Ms. Crimpanfortis told us we’ll all just have to wait. “But not too long,” she adds. “We’re ready to make an indelible impression with this one, and nothing is going to hold us back.”

We can trust that Hyper-Citation will not disappoint. Innovativeness and bleeding edge showmanship are part of its DNA.

Communal High-Impact Living Leads to Happy Clients

For now, as we bid adieu to the Philly contingent, we commend Ms. Crimpanfortis for her distinctive take on communal living high above the expressway. Will she outdo herself next time out of the gate when she assembles another cast to inhabit the airspace towering over some city? We will keep you apprised as these exciting projects unfold.

“You need the right sponsor, the right message, and the right people to pull it off,” Ms. Crimpanfortis advises. “We find that our agency and its clients create the most productive campaigns when our bold vision is universally shared. That translates to brand appreciation and admiration all across the globe.”

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