Dirkie Tirk, President and CEO of Hose Powder, Inc., is an old friend of the Crimpanfortis family, having partnered with Aurora Crimpanfortis in her early barnstorming days. Dirkie provides the match that ignites the fuse that brings the spectacular Crimpanfortis “Live-Action Billboards” to life. As exclusive supplier of wingsuits, rapid-deploy parachutes, bungee cords, body harnesses, cranes, jerk lifts, fall decelerators, jetpacks, rocket belts, suspension systems and high-speed winches, he has done it all and seen it all. And he will be the first to tell you that this stunt work is not for everyone.

Meet Dirkie Tirk – Daredevil Extraordinaire

An Old Family Friend

Dirkie Tirk, whose relations with the Crimpanfortis family dynasty began when Mama sought his advice and vast product knowledge on a dangerous aerial stunt she was proposing in the vicinity of Sun Valley, Idaho, has been the sole provider of rigging paraphernalia, as well as supplying a thriving legion of impeccably trained men and women stunt professionals, since Hyper-Citation first started doing “Live-Action Billboards” way back when.

Hyper-Citation Partners with Stunt Supplier Hose Powder, Inc.

As President and CEO of Hose Powder, Mr. Tirk claims that this is somewhat of a departure from his normal line of work. “Yeah, this is a little bit of a head-scratcher if I do say so myself,” the veteran master of stunts confided. “See, we’re used to doing movies and TV, stuff like that. When Hyper-Citation started with their boffo billboards, we had to take a giant step back and assess where they were coming from. I mean really: billboards? Who woulda thunk it,” Mr. Tirk quips. “Seriously, if you know anything about our company, Hose Powder Inc., you know how careful we choose our projects and staging our routines. But once we commit, we’re all in. We’re a go.”

In its exclusive partnership with Hyper-Citation, Hose Powder supplies all the apparatus to execute stunts safely, efficiently and breathtakingly including wingsuits, rapid-deploy parachutes, bungee cords, body harnesses, cranes, jerk lifts, fall decelerators, suspension systems and high-speed winches. There are even plans in the works to deliver modified jetpacks and rocket belts–whose stunning advancement and development have seen major improvements over the decades.

All the “Spontaneous Aerodynamic Activity” You’ll ever Need

Anyone familiar with “Live-Action Billboards” knows there’s a lot of “Spontaneous Aerodynamic Activity” or “SAA” and there are plenty of stunt pilots to answer that aspect. Drones play an increasingly important part in delivering immediate impact, and a lot of the devices are used at night to bathe the various displays in high-profile light.

“OK, we’ve got all this stuff, all these toys,” Dirkie Tirk points out, “but that’s just hardware until you find the professionals to deploy it.” Dirkie Tirk has a military background that led him into stunts. He demands from his legion of men and women stunt people the highest commitment to safety, integrity and loyalty.

Defying the Common Order of Physics

“Partnering with Hyper-Citation is like a nonstop rollercoaster ride,” Mr. Tirk declares. “You never know what’s over the next rise until the vomit spews. Okay, I guess I didn’t have to say it like but you know what I’m driving at. I swear, some of the ideas those people come up with are both gut-wrenching and absolute screwball. We talk it over and give them the thumbs-up or thumbs-down. They know how much it hurts us to nix a project, but sometimes we have no choice. Most of the proposals we turn down simply defy the common order of physics.”

“Live-Action Billboards” are here to Stay

Expect to see more and more daring displays on the Interstates and freeways across America. “Live Action Billboards” are here to stay, and Hyper-Citation endeavors to make the discipline bigger and better than ever.

“Our ultimate goal is hundreds if not thousands of these displays from coast-to-coast,” Noreen Crimpanfortis, Vice President of Business Development for Hyper-Citation states.

Of course, let us not forget, the entire purpose of these gargantuan, magnificently orchestrated outdoor displays is attracting international sales. That is the goal with makes paying such a premium for these billboards cost-effective.

So the next time you look up in the sky and see a team of costumed people cavorting about and leaping from a billboard, just remember that you’re witnessing the very best that Hyper-Citation and Hose Powder have to offer.